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Erin's reading helped bring about closure by connecting with my loved ones and finally knowing they are at peace.


Ottawa, On.

It was really nice to meet Erin at that group reading, it was my first time and it was awesome...she's awesome. Most of what she told me was bang on....the rest ( as she said ) should happen this coming summer. I love the way she communicated the information she was a soft, natural and kind way, love her approach !
I wish you the best....may you always be surrounded with love and light. You are such a kind spirit!
Thank you again Erin, hope to see you soon!


Ottawa, ON.


Erin was such a joy to meet! She was very accurate with a lot of what she was saying. It was great to be able to connect to my mother that had passed away and knowing that she is still very much around me and my family.


Toronto, ON.

I have had a few really amazing readings from Erin. My Scottish grandfather shared a really beautiful psalm which was a powerful message to me and my mom (his daughter). It was such a gift to me to know that he is that close to me. There was a lot of information given during the reading which was spot on. I would strongly recommend Erin as a medium without hesitation.


Ottawa, ON.

"Am I making the right choice?" "Am I on the right track?"
I believe these are the questions we all have in our heads. I go to Erin when I'm in doubt, unsure, or feel like things are getting out of my control..  (unfortunately lol). And each time after visiting her, I feel like im blessed with positive vibes, like she has some magic power to heal me, that I could navigate through whatever is ahead of me again. She will remind me of my very own strength and judgement. She helps to keep my feet on the ground.
On a personal level, she's a very lovely girl! Warm, kind, compassionate, agreeable, and very professional. Trust her, you are in good hands.


Toronto, ON.

I had a fantastic reading from Erin. I was at my friends house waiting to have this reading and I had looked at her patio door and there was a Red cardinal sitting in the tree and both my friend and I felt that someone was here with me waiting to connect with me as well, and to my surprise there were many! Some family and a dear friend. There were things that she was bang on about .She connected with the family members I had hoped she would. And to know that they are around is great relief. Erin’s messages from my loved ones made me feel happy and relieved at the same time. I will definitely be having another reading from her in the future. Thank you Erin you have a special gift.


Kingston, ON

I have had several readings with Erin, and each time I am more amazed at her special gift. She is a gentle person and expresses the messages she is receiving so vividly. She never rushes through a reading and always leaves time for questions. I would highly recommend Erin, without hesitation. And I dare say if you have a meeting/reading with Erin, you will not want to go to anyone else.


 Kingston, ON

Erin, thank you for delivering the messages from 'spirit'. It was amazing to watch you connect and work. I came in quite skeptical about the process and left with a new perspective. I've lost a lot of people and experienced a lot of loss in my life. To know that there may be a place where they live on in some way brings me a lot of comfort. 
I would highly recommend going to see Erin for a reading. She genuinely really cares about what she does and it shows. Thank you again, I will be back in the future.

Toronto, ON.

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I've seen Erin twice, now.  With each reading I have been increasingly stunned at the depth of her gift. Firstly, Erin is a joy to speak with. Speaking to a psychic or medium can make you feel self-conscious but Erin's kindness and warm, uplifting energy will put you right at ease. Also, the accuracy of her messages have been second to none. Opportunities have popped up out of the blue, exactly when she said they would. She once mentioned a mild health issue my mom had before my mom mentioned it to me myself. If you are interested in reaching out to a psychic medium to connect with those that have passed or if you're interested in getting greater insight into your life I would highly, highly recommend connecting with Erin.  She's the best.

Toronto, ON.

Erin is such a beautiful soul... kind, compassionate and open! Her readings were spot on and helped me tremendously in believing in myself in following my dreams! I’m looking forward to see my future unfold and for sure will be back to see her soon! I highly recommend Erin - 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Thanks again for your help!


Toronto, ON.

 I've had three readings from Erin and a couple of questions answered during her live Instagram readings.
It's uncanny how accurate she is, actually it's mind blowing! She picked up on an older brother who had been stillborn before I was even born and I've never told anyone about that ever!
She picked up about music which is beyond spot on, she said I'd have two jobs I did, I could go on and on. Every personal reading I have I always make notes so I can reflect and I am beyond excited to see what else comes about from her readings because it sounds blinding. Basically, a reading with Erin  is like being in the twilight zone and eating Banoffi pie, in the nicest possible way, her insight, intuition and gift is incredible and she's a lovely lady with it. She's fair, she's honest (and I refer to her privately as a little psychic chipmunk ) she won't make stuff up and tell you what you want to hear which is a credit to her integrity. I couldn't recommend her more highly, so if you would like a reading and you're not sure who to go to, Erin is definitely your girl 1000000%

Brighton, England

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