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“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real, is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.”

                           -Brené Brown

What can I expect when I go in for a personal reading?

I usually like to begin by seeing where Spirit wants to start unless you have specific areas you would like to start with. Depending on how long your reading is, I will go into any area you would like. I recommend folks write down any questions/intentions for the reading prior. This is just for you and there is no need to show me. It's simply a way of focusing your energy on the questions you may have.  In-Depth Readings are always recorded and e-mailed to you afterwards. 

What is Evidential Mediumship?

Click here for more information

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, please visit this link for all inquiries.

Do you do group readings?

Yes!  The length of a Group Reading ranges from 1 - 2 hours in length (depending on how many people are present). Everyone will get a message. Please know that while I try and keep the amount of time equal between people, some messages may be longer than others.

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How often should I come and see you?

What I like to tell folks is that if you feel like you need some spiritual guidance then, of course, book a reading. I usually don't recommend seeing a medium more than 2x a year. The example I like to use is, if you use tarot cards and are always asking the same questions, you will find that eventually the messages get mixed up and unclear. Just like a reading if you see a medium and are asking the same questions the messages will eventually get mixed up.
I also tell folks that while readings can be a therapeutic experience, they should not replace seeing a counsellor or therapist. Readings are meant to bring in guidance and perspective.

Do you require me to bring an object of the person I wish to connect with?

You can have one with you if you wish but it is not necessary. 


Do you use tarot cards with your readings?

I will usually have my Tarot deck out and sometimes I use them and other times I do not. The cards are there as a tool to help me better connect if I'm having a hard time seeing the answer to your question.  If you would like me to pull some cards during your reading just let me know! I will usually use Tarot Cards for Mini-Readings. 

Can my friend and have a reading together? Or can my mom and I have a reading together?

You absolutely can, this falls under a two-person group reading. Click here for the booking link.


My whole family would like a Reading, is this possible?

Yes, this would be considered a group reading.

Click here for the booking link.

Can I record my own reading?

Absolutely you can! I always record readings and e-mail them to you afterwards but you are more than welcome to use your own device. 

How old do you have to be to have a reading done?

I ask that you must be 18 years or older or have consent from a legal guardian.

 Is it scary? 

No, and I hope you don't ever have a scary experience with a medium! I don't wear a tinfoil hat and have spirits talking through me like in the movies. Nor do I come out of the fog as I greet you (though that would be a pretty cool entrance!). I like to try and make folks as comfortable as possible during readings. I always tell people if, for whatever reason, I bring in something you are not ready or want to go into that is totally ok -just let me know!


Will you predict my future for me? 

Not always, no. It depends if spirit feels it is in your best interest to know something future related. I work a lot with probability and there are a lot of factors and life choices you make that can sometimes steer you in a different direction than the one I currently see you in. I have been known to see things you may be about to do, and usually, that is their way of saying they are around. 

A psychic once told me I was cursed can you take that away from me?

No. I don't believe in curses. I believe we can believe in something so much that our minds think it's true. So no, I can't un-curse you.  

How can I have the most successful reading?
Have an open mind and set your intentions for the reading. If you come into the reading wanting to "test" me it will more than likely not work in your favour. If something doesn't resonate with you right away, that's ok, and we will move on to the next topic. 
In order to have a successful reading, try and release any nerves prior to your reading. Make sure you are in a comfortable space with little distractions. Write down your intentions before your reading and any specific questions you might have. 

Please do not give me any additional information, it is best that I go in as blind as I can into a reading.

My friend had a fantastic reading with you and when I came it seemed as though you weren't getting much? Why?

The truth is that I can't say definitively why one person receives more than another. It could be because at the time the person was not as open to the process, or we may not have connected as well energy wise.  Sometimes it's just about finding the right medium for you. 

If I can not connect to your energy during your reading a full refund will be given. Always review my booking policies before a reading.

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