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What are Intuitive Readings?

Intuitive Readings are here to offer you guidance and clarity around some areas in your life. 
My intention going in to each reading is to offer you a new perspective and one that is meant to give you peace and love. 

I can go in to your love life, career, spirituality and as a Medium; I can connect you with loved ones who have past away. 

I will get an image in my minds eye, and it's my job as the Intuitive to interpret that image to you. If it resonates with you, great! If not, we move on and it may come up later for you (which is why each reading is recorded and emailed to you).

As a general rule, I will not go into health but we can explore other areas that you'd like to go into. 

Please review my Disclaimer and Booking Policy before booking your reading.

Types of Intuitive Readings:

Mini Readings

1 Question or 2 Questions Emailed Video Response

In-Depth Readings

30 Min, 45min OR 1 Hour Readings

Mini Readings are designed for specific clarity and guidance in a 1 or 2 Question format. These are video recorded and e-mailed to you.  
Select your option for a 1 Question or 2 Question Reading. You will receive a video link with your answer. 
Please allow 3-5 Business days for your reading to be sent. 

In-Depth Readings are more personal and an opportunity to chat 1-on-1 with Erin, Via a video conferencing system, called Zoom.
Or if you are in Toronto, readings can be in person.
Readings are done from Erin's home office. 

Just fill out the Questionnaire form and I will respond via e-mail with a booking link .

These readings are audio recorded and e-mailed to you after. 

Always read my Policies and Disclaimers before booking your reading.


A ) What can I expect when I book an In-Depth reading?

I will go in to your career, relationships, spirituality and bring in any loved ones who have passed away. I will begin by taking a few deep breaths and from there, I see where spirit wants to start.  Spirit always gives me pieces of a puzzle that we have to put together. ​

E ) Do you use tarot cards with your readings?

I will usually have my Tarot deck out and sometimes I use them and other times I do not. The cards are there as a tool to help me better connect if I'm having a hard time seeing the answer to your question. 

E ) Do you require payment before the readings?

Yes, payment is required prior to your In-Depth or Mini Reading. 
Please review my Policies and Disclaimer before booking.  

Refunds for E-mail Readings will not be given. 
If booking an In-Depth Reading. Refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis. 

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