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Intuitive &

Evidential Mediumship Readings

Your Guided journey starts here

What is an Intuitive & Evidential Mediumship Reading?

Intuitive Messages are here to offer you guidance and clarity around any area of your life.

This could be on career, love life, relationships, etc.. This is where some future predictions may come in as well.

Mediumship, is the ability to bring in any loved ones (pet or person) forward with messages.

The Evidential part is when a reader (such as myself) is able to bring in evidence pertaining to your life or the person or pet who has passed away.
For example, I may bring in your Uncle who passed away and describe him. I may bring in specifics like how he might have passed, and images or words that you can associate with him. This is all so we can confirm this is who is coming through.
I may also bring in their personality and the sound of their voice.

All this can be confirmation and validation for you that they are coming in.

How else does evidence come through in a reading?
When I ask Spirit about anything pertaining to your life here on earth, I like to also bring in specifics (or "evidence") that confirms I am in the right energy. For example, if you are asking about career and I see a female boss, mid 40's, with darker hair and this resonates then we can confirm I am in work world with you. 

I also like to get what I call "check marks" from spirit. So If you are asking about a possible work promotion or looking for a change in work and I feel there is a strong chance this will happen. I ask spirit for something specific you can resonate with to confirm this feeling.
So they may bring in something like the month of March. And if I bring in March and ask if you began working there in March and you can confirm that, then that is what I say is, "a nice check mark from Spirit, that says there is a high probability you will get this promotion."

This confirmation doesn't necessarily have to pertain to work either. I may get an image of a puppy from spirit and if you were thinking about getting a dog or just got a puppy, then this is their way of confirming things with me.

I will get an image in my minds eye and it's my job as the Medium to interpret that image to you. If it resonates with you, great! If not, we move on and it may come up later for you (which is why each reading is recorded and emailed to you).

All this to say, it is important to stress that a reading is never 100%. 
This is because nothing is ever 100% accurate with readings. But what I like to say is that there is a "high probability," things may happen as I am seeing them for you. Especially when it comes to asking about future events.


Think of this, like a big game of charades with spirit. This means a reading can also be a lot of fun!


Then come on this journey to spirit with me!

Reading Lengths:

30 Min, 1 Hour or 1.5 Hour Reading

This is a 1-on-1 opportunity to connect to spirit and chat about any aspect of your life that you have questions about. Whether this is work, relationships, etc...

AND OR connect to those who have passed away (pet or person).

Always read my Policies and Disclaimers before booking your reading.


A ) What can I expect when I book a reading?

I will go in to your career, relationships, spirituality and bring in any loved ones who have passed away. I will begin by taking a few deep breaths and from there, I see where spirit wants to start. From there it's open for questions or anything you would like clarification on.

E ) Do you require payment before the readings?

Yes, payment is required prior to your Reading.
Please review my Policies and Disclaimer before booking.  


E ) Do you use tarot cards / oracle cards with your readings?

I will usually have my Tarot or oracle card decks out, and sometimes I use them and other times I do not. The cards are there as a tool to help me better connect if I'm having a hard time seeing the answer to your question. 

E ) Can I get a refund?

For Readings, If I can not connect to your energy and the reading is not resonating in any way, a refund will be given.

Please review my Refund & Booking Policy for more information.


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