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My name is Erin and ever since I was little I have felt in tune with Spirit.

Below is a little bit more about me and my work.

What do I do?

In short, I work as a Clairvoyant + Evidential Medium . That means that Spirit (the universe and higher beings) communicate with me through thought. I will get an image or a word in my mind and it's my job as the medium to interpret that image to whoever is receiving the message. For example, if I get the name Bob and Bob is someone whom you associate work with, then that's their way of getting me to start in career world for you.
Readings are meant to bring you a different perspective and guidance.

I like to bring in specifics to confirm the energy I am bringing in, so a loved one, a pet, or evidence pertaining to you such as career or relationships.


What Does A Reading Look Like?
Depending on how long your reading is (click here for duration and prices), I usually begin by bringing in whatever comes through first and at the end, go to you for questions. I will go into a career, love life, and spirituality.  I may also bring in folks connected to you who have passed away (indirectly or directly). 

If you book a 30min reading then we will focus on one or two areas you would like to go into (depending on time).

I always tell folks to write down their questions prior to the reading. This is just for you and there is no need to show me. It's simply a way for you to focus your energy on the questions you may have. 


How can I have the best reading?

Be open and willing to hear the messages. It is also best to not give me too much information during the reading. As I like to go in as blind as possible so as to not cloud the messages.


Where did it begin?

I have always felt connected and even as a child, remember having experiences that I couldn't explain. After having my first reading I decided to try it "just for fun". For something that was "just for fun," I was pretty on point with a lot of what I was giving and it scared me so I decided to stop. It wasn't until years later that I decided to try it again with a friend and was on point as well.

Soon I was getting names and describing his Uncle and neighbour who passed away years ago. This time I wasn't scared (a little freaked out but not scared) and kept going. Soon I was giving more readings to friends and from there it grew into friends of the family. And soon people I'd never met.  

When I am not giving readings, I am working with children and youth with ASD.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and work in the field of ASD.

For over 10 years I have been giving and receiving messages!

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