About Me:

My name is Erin and ever since I was little I have felt in tune with Spirit.

What do I do? In short, I work as a Clairvoyant Medium . That means that Spirit (Aka, the universe and higher beings) communicate with me through thought. I will get an image or a word in my mind and it's my job as the medium, to interpret that image to whoever is receiving the message. For example, if I get the name Bob and Bob is someone who you associate work with, then that's their way of getting me to start in career world for you.  Sometimes I may get an image and if you can't resonate with it literally then we go metaphorical (spirit loves their metaphors!).


Where did it begin?

I have always felt connected and even as a child, remember having experiences that I couldn't explain. After having my first reading, I decided to try it "just for fun". For something that was just for fun, I was pretty on point with a lot of what I was giving and it scared me so I decided to stop. It wasn't until years later when I decided to try it again with a friend and on point as well. Soon I was getting names and describing his Uncle and neighbour who passed away years ago. This time I wasn't scared (a little freaked out but not scared) and kept going. Soon I was giving more readings to friends and from there it grew into friends of the family and soon, people i'd never met.  

When I am not giving readings or meditating, I am working in the community with children and youth, in an arts based school.  

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Diploma in Social Service Work.  

For over 8 years I have being giving and receiving messages!


In-Depth Readings are done in my home office based in Toronto, ON and are recorded and

e-mailed to you.  In-Depth Readings can also be done via the video conferencing system called, ZOOM. Once you book your reading with me, you will receive a link to Zoom in your confirmation e-mail.
All readings are currently being done over Zoom and I am not offering In-Person readings at this time.

Mini Readings are video recorded and e-mailed to you.

Please Note: For in person readings, I do have a cat. If you have allergies let me know prior to your reading.

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