Connecting with Spirit 'Opening Up'

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“If that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find without.”
― Doreen Valiente

$44.44 CDN for all 4 webinars

Introduction to Spirit

Week 1:

What to expect with this webinar series.

We will learn how to set up our space and what that may look like.

And the many ways we begin to open up our third eye.


Journal Prompt afterwards for the week ahead.

1- 2:30PM EST 
July 19th, 2020


Our Guides and Higher Beings

Week 3:

We'll learn the differences between Spirit Guides, Angels and Higher Beings. How to connect with them and our ancestors. 

How to deliver their messages AND how to understand the messages.

Journal Prompt afterwards for the week ahead.

1- 2:30PM EST 

August 16th, 2020


The Spirit Code

Week 2:

Signs and Symbols. What does it all mean? 

Everyone has their own way that Spirit connects with them. This week, we'll chat about what that may look like for you and how you can keep building that communication with Spirit.

Journal Prompt afterwards for the week  ahead. Plus my personal "Mini Pocket Spirit Code" PDF for you to expand on.

1- 2:30PM EST 

August 2nd,  2020


Spirit Messages

Week 4:

To end us off we will all deliver messages to one another.  With a personal message from Erin as well.

If someone does not feel comfortable to give and or receive messages that is ok, Let Erin know.

Written PDF collection of what we covered.

List of resources.  

1- 2:30PM EST

(Be prepared to go over time if need be)

August 30th, 2020

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Join Me On A New Adventure!

See what was said from my previous webinar groups:



Thanks again for creating such an open, inviting and safe space. I really enjoyed all three webinars and I truly made so much progress. It was a journey in elevation from one webinar to the next. Every webinar brought out something new. I had some difficult moments as well, and you lovingly supported me and encouraged me to try again. I am more confident because of your beautiful energy and guidance. I will definitely recommend your webinars because I truly believe that there is something for everyone to take away. You helped me channel for beautiful strangers and nervously share. I struggle with my throat chakra. That’s a big deal! I was able to see my passed on loved ones gathered at a round table for ME. We were able to hold hands in a beautiful field of wildflowers because of the safe space you created. For the first time, I was able to see this beautiful sanctuary that was created for me. I never knew it existed. Through your webinars I found it, and now I go there all the time. There were so many life-changing moments. Trust and safety are so important to me and anyone else interested in these experiences, and that’s what you provide. I love you so much and I can’t wait for what you do next! Just know that I am IN! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 



This is designed based on what has worked for me. I can not make any guarantees that you will come out as a sensitive or medium by taking this.
I believe connection, energetically is key and want to create a space where we can learn from one another. I will be mediating and leading this but want to encourage others to speak and share as well.

The Intuitive Development Circle is a pilot series course. As such by taking the course you acknowledge that changes may happen. Erin Marie welcomes any feedback or suggestions after the series.

Booking Policy:

If you are unhappy after Week 1 a refund will be issued.  Afterwards no refunds will be given.

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